The Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department is a team of up to 30 volunteers who commit themselves to being ready to help others.

All members are trained in Structural and Wildland Firefighting, with some members also trained in specialties such as Arson Investigation, Has-Mat Awareness, Emergency Medical, or Vehicle Extrication.

The Ridgway Volunteer Fire Dept. is headquartered at 251 N. Railroad St. in downtown Ridgway, next to the park.

Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department Firefighters

Captain – Tom Sisler

Chief – Chris Miller

Deputy Chief – John Robinson


1st Lieutenant – Ronald Williams

 2nd Lieutenant – Tyler Ferguson

3rd Lieutenant – Chris Kraft


Chris Bolane          Joe Bunevac          Dalton Carver

Amanda Davis          Tony Gualtieri          Greg Hunter

        Michael Inmon           Adam Johnson          Sarah McConnell

Mary Reinhardt           Jeff Rivera          Jeff Tunnicliff